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drees up girl net-Fashion Dress up girls games

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drees up girl net-Fashion Dress up girls games introduction

drees up girl net

Fashionable educational game for kids who love to sew and come up with outfits. Everything happens virtually - sew a great designer outfit for the doll using digital scissors, a sewing machine and a palette of colors for clothes and accessories!

Start the game!
Alice the doll meets little players in her dressing room. This is for Alice that little super stylists will create outfits!

The intuitive interface allows you to begin playing right away. Choose an outfit and start sewing.
Multilingual voicing guides kids during the game. Visual and audio prompts make children feel that they are ABLE to play independently and inspire them to complete the game.

The game process consists of several blocks:
- choose an outfit
- draw a contour of patterns
- cut the parts out
- sew them using a sewing machine
- iron the outfit
- try the outfit on a doll
- add accessories to complete the look

Something special:
Each outfit for a doll is associated with a specific situation for which it was created.
A stylish tracksuit for a walk with a puppy, a ball gown for a festive evening and a winter set for snowboarding, etc.

Watch a cool video after finishing the outfits! The videos perform kids’ work in life: how the outfit looks on the doll and what emotions Alice has.

Alice has her own photo album where she presents the clothes that kids had sewed for her. An album contains images of Alice with background of wonderful places and the album is available at any time. You can treat it as your fashion designer portfolio :)

Now your kids have a great opportunity to try this profession from scratch!
Fashion, style, backstage of sewing and tailoring. Fashion designers, the atmosphere of beauty and grace, art and the creation of outfits worthy for glossy magazines covers!
Alice's doll is waiting for girls and boys who love playing with dolls, sew dresses for them and create their own unique wardrobe.

Useful skills for kids:
- fine motor skills development and proper movement coordination;
- the perception of information by ear helps children train their auditory memory and learn - - new languages - the game has a large list of languages ​​of different countries;
- the evolving patterns train visual memory;
- nurturing a sense of style and aesthetics. A nice palette in the game, attention to details in doll costumes and menu design etc. This teaches kids to appreciate beauty;
- development of emotional intelligence. Toddlers develop empathy while interacting even with a virtual character;
- the game process itself introduces the little tailors to the stages of creating clothes. It is very clear and easy to explain to children how we sew and what tools we use.

Play and share your emotions!

We are always glad to receive your feedback and impressions on:
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In the group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoKidsMobile/
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Download Fashion Dress up girls games 15.0.11 MOD APK for Android, com.gokids.tbdoll

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drees up girl net Fashion Dress up girls games

  • Version:15.0.11 _ Size:90.0MB
  • Category:Education _ Publisher:GoKids!
  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:04/06/2022
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